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About district

Urząd Gminy Kleszczele
tel. +48 85 681-80-04
«About district»

District calculates over 3.000 occupants, from this about 2 thousands live in Kleszczele. Area occupies 142 square kilometres. At district agricultural uses and remaining soils occupy 63% surface, however forests and forest prime paint make up about 37% of district surface.

The terrain of district is in the whole shaped softly, though in many places varied with groups of not very tall eminences and shallow lowering. The north-east piece of district is clay plain, varied through numerous hills frontally - morainal. Front moraine is the most extensive morphological form consisting from several hills in neighbourhood of Dobrowoda. Off-peak period is second morphological unit of district being flat and peated of Nurzec lowering. Between localities Pogreby on west and road Kleszczele - Połowce in the east appeared cream knolls. They somewhat further on noon step out two the draughts of eskers hills from Gruzka , across Dasze to Czeremcha.

The river net of state district is the river Nurzec together with from tributary the Dobrowódka, river Policzna as well as Biała. It under hydrographic regard the area of district was one should in 79% to river - Bug and it is laid in grounds of dairy produce purchase center of Biała river. The river Nurzec play an important role in economy the essential part aqueous in district and the building of aqueous reservoir on her water - course in 2002 year was finished - the Repczyce about surface 10 hectares of mirror of water.

The agriculture is with superiority of sector of individual economy the main field of economy. Small farms about surface 3 in predominant part are here-8 hectares leading multidirectional production. The Kleszczele stood with centre of development of change industry as well as performing the function of service of population the populaces. District is water supply in 98%. The sewage treatment plant of sewages in Kleszczele functions as well as sewage net be extended successfully.

Kleszczele district is the member of Association the Bialowieza Primeval Forest districts as well as of Euroregion Bialowieza Primeval Forest hugging one's range after Polish side as well as the border terrains after Belorussian side.

Kleszczele district is laid on Bielska Plain in south-east part of podlaskie province, in area of Green Lungs of Poland. From east the terrain of district adheres to border of state, from south border with Czeremcha and Milejczyce districts, from west with Boćki district, from north with Orla and Dubicze Cerkiewne.

According to physical - geographical regionalization of Poland district is laid on under province Podlasko - Belorussian, the makroregion of Lowland the north- the Podlaska and mezoregion the Bielska Plain.

District terrains of favour special natural values, lanscape and cultural. The forests of eastern part of district area make up from Białowieska Forest the contact. District is laid on point of contact of cultures Ukrainian, Polish and Belorussian. This variety manifests in folklore, the architecture and the religious confession of local community.

The administrative seat is Kleszczele town which is further from Białystok about 75 kilometres as well as 25 kilometres from Hajnówka - the seat of administrative district.By the district run railway Siedlce - Siemianówka and Siedlce - Białystok as well as national road to border passage from Belorussia in distant from Kleszczel about 12 kilometres from Połowce.


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